The January Reset Workshop

What results would you LOVE to create in 2023?

In this workshop you’ll learn…
  • The science behind habit formation
  • Understand why you’ve not been able to stick to new year resolutions in the past
  • Learn how to change your habitual thought patterns (repetitive negative thoughts are bad habits too!), like chronic underearning, low self esteem and imposter syndrome
  • Join my Accountability Programme for FREE for 1 month to keep on top of your new habits

It's time for a reset!

The January Reset is a fast-paced, fun and FREE interactive workshop designed to help creative professionals like you refocus your work goals, rewire your habits and RESET your results!

Tuesday 17 January

8am EDT / 1pm GMT

(1 hour)

Wednesday 18 January

2pm EDT / 7pm GMT

(1 hour)

Both sessions are the same, just pick the one that works best for your calendar!

By joining this session, you will:

Clarify your career or business goals

Identify clear action steps

Challenge your limiting beliefs

Receive a month of free accountability

Boost your confidence and creativity

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