What is Coaching?

Like Personal Training is for the body, Coaching is for the mind. You will transform your life by feeling empowered to get from where you are now to where you want to be (much faster and more effectively than if you were working alone). You, as the client, discover and set your own clear goals with the support of a coach asking all the questions, and through this process you hold yourself accountable for achieving your own results. 

What is the difference between coaching, therapy, consulting, and mentoring?

  • A therapist helps a client explore their past in order to uncover what is preventing them moving forwards
  • A mentor will share their own experiences, offering advice to help the client walk in their shoes
  • A consultant will give the client advice based on their own research, providing suggestions and structure
  • A coach asks empowering questions to draw out the client’s own answers and challenges them to achieve their results

How will it help me?

How many times have you set yourself resolutions or goals and next thing you know; weeks, months or years have passed by – nothing’s changed, and you’re still unhappy or unsatisfied in your personal or professional life?

As a coach, I take the time to help you figure out why you might be going around in circles with your goals and not achieving what you wish to achieve. By asking the right questions framed in the right way, I help you identify and address those fears to set you on an empowering path to achieving what you really want.

What happens in a coaching session?

The sessions will take place weekly via video call and each last 60minutes.

In our first session we’ll conduct a 360° life assessment and clarify the goals you want to work towards. We then design a bespoke roadmap which will launch you into action.

Each following session will start with a recap of the previous week, followed by a deep dive into the obstacles that are blocking progress and finding elegant solutions. This work brings in elements of CBT-reframing, the GROW coaching model and positive psychology mindset tools. 

By the end of each session you’ll walk away with specific action points and feeling confident to take the next leap towards your 360° life.

Who do you coach?

I work with ambitious professionals who are highly motivated to transform their lives and careers but may be lacking confidence, support or clarity.

If you’d like to know how I can help you with your specific area of concern, you can book in a 30min chat HERE 

Are you only available in London/The UK?

Not at all. I’m currently based in Nassau (The Bahamas) and I coach a wide range of clients internationally at the following times. For availability in your time zone, please use the scheduler.

Do you guarantee success?

Your success, and how you measure it, is all down to you, but we’ll work together to define your version of “success” and help you achieve it!  While you are ultimately responsible for achieving your own results, hopefully the testimonials speak for themselves – Read them HERE.

What if I’m nervous?

It’s completely normal to be nervous! Trying something brand new, or getting out of your comfort zone can be scary at first, but I know what it’s like to be nervous and will make sure to guide you at your own pace. It’s my job to tailor each session to your values and speed, so we can achieve positive results without them feeling overwhelming. 

Any other questions?

Fire away! Drop me an email: Sarah@westendcoach.com.

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