Coaching creative people to confidently lead more fulfilling lives is my passion.

Hello, I'm Sarah

Hi, I’m Sarah Hunt – Life and Career Coach to the Creative Industries and former West End General Manager and Producer.

For the past decade I have successfully worked my way up through London’s theatrical production offices of David Ian, Disney and Bill Kenwright, working on their large scale productions of The Bodyguard, Gypsy, Evita, Cats and The Lion King, to name a few. Theatre and making live performance possible has always been my passion, and after graduating from the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts (LIPA) with a degree in Performance Management, I started on the very bottom rung of the West End career ladder – making endless cups of tea and answering phones. The journey at times was anything but glamourous; the long hours and low salary at first meant that my social life, health and relationship suffered. But by age 28, I had achieved my own goal of becoming a General Manager at London’s National Theatre, going on to manage their multiple award-winning West End productions of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time and The Lehman Trilogy.

Whilst I wore my job like a badge of honour and spent every spare evening at the theatre or events to support the arts industry, I was burning myself out. When I look back, I realise now that I had a great deal of responsibility in my role, but very little power. There was always a Producer or Investor calling the shots, some of which didn’t align with my own values, which brought my longer term goals into question. Throughout the West End, I could see that many people, including my own staff and colleagues, struggled with a range of issues or lack of support which most managers are not qualified to address – at the time, myself included. 

A few years into the job, I discovered coaching. Far more rewarding than slashing production budgets, I realised that I could help creative people like me feel empowered to explore alternative roles and careers, without judgement or fear of failure. Through coaching, I am able to do this by giving people the courage to live the life they really want, rather than the life they think they should have. I hope to be a positive example that it is never too late to pivot or change careers entirely. Life is not a rehearsal!

Everything I have studied and learnt along the way has led me to this role; I’m results-driven and fuelled by the transformative power of cognitive psychology-based techniques to help reframe your way of thinking. Change can feel overwhelming; I’ve certainly experienced that first hand – but with my help and support, we’ll get you out of the safety of your comfort zone and start seeing positive changes in your life.

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Other things about me:

  • I spend far too much money on oat lattes
  • I have a huge collection of brightly coloured shoes which I really don’t need for Zoom calls, but they just bring me so much joy
  • I failed my driving test 4 times before I passed
  • I’m an advanced open water certified scuba diver
  • I love the colour turquoise
  • Dying my hair black when I was 19 was not one of my finest life choices
  • I laugh at my own jokes (others occasionally join in)

Alongside my now full-time coaching practice, I study, research and develop my profession relentlessly.

My long-term goals include getting a PhD in Psychology, setting up my own clinical coaching and psychotherapy practice, writing a best-selling book and delivering a TED talk!

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