Hello! I’m Sarah Hunt – it’s nice to meet you.

“True happiness is a natural result of your decision to live in alignment with your authentic self”.

It’s my mission to create more confidence in the world.

…Confidence to push the boundaries of your personal and professional life.

…Confidence to make difficult choices that are aligned with your goals.

…Confidence to support your team to generate exponential results.

West End Coach was originally created out of a need to support the creative London community all facing challenging personal and professional transitions brought about by the global pandemic. It now supports ambitious professionals and businesses find their spark, prevent burnout and activate a 360° lifestyle for themselves and their teams.

After 12 years’ of managing some of the biggest musicals in the heart of London’s West End and hitting every single one of my professional career goals, I took the leap and invested in my own coaching training to support my transition into entrepreneurship. My goal at the time was to create a business for myself that would afford me the freedom to explore exotic places around the world, start a family and have more time to spend on the things and people I loved.

In my executive role, there were press night parties, evenings fuelled by prosecco and canapes, and long days of travel to see the productions and performers I had ultimate responsibility for in beautiful theatres across London and New York. I hit my professional goal of becoming a General Manager at London’s prestigious National Theatre by the time I was 30. It was my happiest professional achievement.

“OK, but what next?” was a question that drove me to seek support from a coach. It unfolded that I was great at knowing what I wanted, and ticking achievements off on a bucket list, but I hadn’t figured out the WHO I wanted (to be).

I knew that in order to grow personally and professionally and really activate my own 360° life, I had to level up and invest in my own coaching training to build on the impressive creative journey I had already embarked on. I wanted to fuse my creative career knowledge with the tools I‘ve developed over hundreds of hours of coaching to create my own unique method to help other ambitious and adventurous individuals like me to look beyond their career and really experience happiness and fulfilment in every area of their fast-paced lives.

Following the birth of my son in July 2021, I relocated from London to Nassau, Bahamas with my husband to experience the remote-working life, from the beach! I swapped high heels for flip-flops and now work with professionals and businesses around the world to activate their own 360 dreams for themselves and their teams, led by me from the front with confidence, knowledge and integrity.

My biggest lesson has been that if you want something new in your life or work, you’re going to need a brand new approach, and there is no prize for doing it all on your own!

If you’d like to look beyond your career to really experience happiness and fulfilment in every area of your fast-paced life, I can help.

Alongside my coaching practice, I study, research and develop my profession relentlessly.

I also do the laundry, the school run and go for beach walks with my husband and son!

My long-term goals include establishing a business hub (with a free crèche) in California to help parents launch and grow their own businesses without the financial pressure of arranging childcare.

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